Sunday, March 13, 2016

Golf's First Mental Game Analytics Platform Released

Players can now subscribe to Biirdie without going through a coach or golf team

(Toronto, Canada) - Biirdie is the world’s first mental game analytics platform. The product helps players capture mental game performance data through its proprietary post round mental game evaluation, called a “round review.” After a playing or practice outing, the player opens up BIIRDIE and completes the round review. Round reviews sync with the platform and can then be reviewed and analyzed. Players can create custom charts to look for correlations in their behavioral data and answer questions like “when the wind changes, does something else in my process change too?”

The product helps players increase their awareness of their process and emotions during a round of golf. During the post round reviews, players answers a few written questions which help them articulate and document their successes, learnings, improvement areas, and realizations. This is a key step in creating a complete feedback loop and documenting progress alongside the data (evidence) that is collected.

“What we love about data is its ability to highlight for us things that we didn’t know were happening,” said Jay Gilbert, Founder and CEO of Biirdie. “A player can use Biirdie to figure out that their late bedtime correlates to increased intensity levels and irritability on the course. This data can help players fine tune their approach to golf, whether it is on course or in preparation for a round the next day.”

Individual players can join Biirdie by requesting a player invite at Monthly subscriptions are $9.99 and include unlimited round reviews and all analytics.

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