Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is VPAR this Year's 'Best New Product' at the PGA Merchandise Show?

With the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show (Demo Day) kicking off today, it’s natural to wonder what the hottest products out of Orlando will be. Considering the time we live in, it’s a fairly safe bet that the “Product of the Year” will come from the technology sector. Who’s got the inside track? Let’s look at VPAR.

Named “Best Sports App” at the 2014 Sports Technology Awards, VPAR already has an impressive resume. A couple apps finishing behind VPAR came from the beloved Chelsea Football Club and The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championship). That’s Wimbledon, for all the fringe tennis fans.

So VPAR may be a big player at The Show ... What is VPAR? In short, the app features live leaderboards, GPS and course planner, performance tracking, a directory of 30,000 courses worldwide and full social sharing capability.

Breaking it down:
* Live Leaderboards allow users to set up their own golf tournaments with friends and follow their scores with real-time leaderboards on a phone or share online for others to watch ... live.
* GPS & Course Planner shows the layout of each hole, as well as distances to bunkers, water and other features. Also, the golf range provides distances to the front, middle and back of the green.
* Performance Tracking is a stat geek’s dream. Simply score rounds to keep a record of scorecards, golf stats and all the courses you’ve ever played at the touch of a button. Or delve deeper and track your greens in regulation, driving accuracy, and putts per round to really understand your game.
* Golf Course Directory boasts more than 30,000 golf courses across the world - from your home course to the world’s best ... or simply the nearest to where you are. You can discover new courses, review one you’ve just played, or even check out the weather forecast.

A customizable, unique and interactive way to raise awareness and engagement, VPAR is ideal for corporate and charity events, outings, club championships, Pro-Am Tournaments, etc. For example, this is how a typical event would look:
* On the course: Using unique handheld scorepads, players can track their progress through live leaderboards, enabling them to check out the competition, plan their strategy and see what’s happening elsewhere on the course, as the game unfolds.
* In the clubhouse: All the action is also broadcast live on VPAR’s interactive touchscreens, as well as the club’s own screens, in the clubhouse. Build up the tension and track your competitors, in real-time, as you wait to find out your final position.
* Online: Spectators can even browse the scores live online, as well as viewing information and statistics before, during and after the event. Engaging an online audience creates further exposure, extending the reach of the event and adding value to sponsors.

For golfers looking to “get inside the game,” VPAR is an exciting app and may be this year’s game changer. Click HERE to download it for free. An annual subscription to VPAR costs $8.99.

For more information about VPAR, visit www.vpar.com or watch this short video HERE.

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