Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Loudmouth Unveils Its First Design of the New Year

Q: What did the pirate say when someone called him a name?
A: I know ye ARRRrrr but what am aye?!

Shiver Me Timbers (the black & white version) was a surprising success, so Loudmouth made them jollier. This brand new design, Jolly Roger, will make your booty look like gold. This navy treasure is the color of the deep sea. Hook ​a pair HERE before they’re gone.
While you're shopping the colorful Jolly Roger pants, load up on new Loudmouth golf bags.

The Loudmouth 2.0 Golf Bags have arrived! These dazzling lightweight stand bags exhibit the best and the brightest in Loudmouth patterns. Buy all ​16 iconic designs!

• Custom LM hip pad
• Comfy carry strap
• Lightweight structure
• Easy access divider grip
• Extra large valuable pocket
• Water resistant zipper
• Water bottle holder
• Highest quality materials

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