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Atlantic City Golf: City with Style

Atlantic City dominates the 2014 GolfStyles New Jersey Magazine rankings of New Jersey’s best golf courses
(ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.) GolfStyles New Jersey Magazine has released its Readers Choice Rankings of the “Best Golf Courses” in New Jersey. For the growing legion of devotees to golf around Atlantic City, the news hardly comes as a surprise.

Led by perennial favorites Atlantic City Country Club, Shore Gate, Stockton Seaview Bay Course, Ballamor, Blue Heron Pines, Harbor Pines and Twisted Dune, many of the 17 layouts in the Greater Atlantic City area dominated the GolfStyles New Jersey’s “Public Golf” category.

At Nos. 1 and 2, Atlantic City Country Club and Shore Gate topped the rankings of the 10 “Top Clubs” in New Jersey, while Ballamor was close behind at No. 4 on the list along with Scotland Run (6) and Running Deer (8). The ranking’s honorable mention included Stockton Seaview Bay and Pines courses, Vineyard Golf at Renault, McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links, The Links at Brigantine Beach and Cape May National.

Atlantic City CC finished second among the state’s “Favorite Courses” ranking, with Running Deer, Ballamor and Shore Gate rounding out the Top 6 and followed closely by Scotland Run (9) and Harbor Pines (10), while the honorable mention category included Twisted Dune, Blue Heron Pines, McCullough’s Emerald Links, Cape May National, The Links at Brigantine Beach and Stockton Seaview Resort Bay Course.

The popular category “Best Course At The Shore” was dominated by Atlantic City area courses. The Top 5 was, in order, Atlantic City Country Club, Shore Gate, Stockton Seaview Bay Course, Ballamor and Blue Heron Pines, while Harbor Pines came in sixth on the list and Twisted Dune seventh, followed by Sea Oaks (9) and McCullough’s Emerald Links (10). Honorable mention included Sand Barrens, The Links at Brigantine Beach, Cape May National and Stockton Seaview Pines Course.

When it comes to the state’s “Best Bargain” in the public golf category, Running Deer Golf Club was the top choice while Cape May National checked in at No. 4. Honorable mention went to Blue Heron Pines, McCullough’s Emerald Links, The Links at Brigantine Beach, Harbor Pines, Ballamor and Scotland Run.

The state’s “Top Golf Resorts” included Sea Oaks, Stockton Seaview Hotel and Golf Club, and Renault Winery and Vineyard Golf.

The always-important “Best Conditions” category was dominated by Atlantic City. Atlantic City Country Club topped the category ranking while Ballamor was ranked No. 3 in the state followed by Running Deer, Shore Gate and Harbor Pines rounding out the Top 6, just ahead of Blue Heron Pines (9), Stockton Seaview Resort (10) and the honorable mentions including Scotland Run, Sea Oaks and Twisted Dune.

Not surprisingly, many of the state’s “Best Golf Instructors” are spreading their wisdom around Atlantic City, led by Jeff Bonicky of Sea Oaks at No. 4 in the state, followed by Running Deer’s John Tyrell at No. 9 and Bruce Chelucci of Blue Heron Pines at No. 10. Bonicky also finished second in the “Top Golf Professional” category, followed by Heron Glen’s Tim Ward at No. 3, along with Shore Gate’s Harry Bittner, (8) and Atlantic City’s Fran Mulholland, (10) rounding out the Top 10. Honorable mention in that category included Twisted Dune’s Scott Dunn, Ballamor’s Mike Tucci, Bob Ewing of Harbor Pines Golf Club and Running Deer’s Klay Knerr.

Atlantic City CC topped the “Most Scenic” category, followed by Scotland Run Golf Club (4), Shore Gate (8) and Blue Heron Pines (9). Honorable mention went to Ballamor, Harbor Pines, Twisted Dune, Vineyard Golf at Renault and Stockton Seaview Bay Course. Among the “Best Family Clubs” were Running Deer (3), Harbor Pines (9) and Scotland Run (10), while Blue Heron Pines made the honorable mention list.

In the category of “Favorite Golf Course Management” Ron Jaworski Golf and its four courses topped the rankings, with the Ottinger Family Golf (3 courses) at No. 3 and Cape May National at No. 5, while Harbor Pines (6) and Troon Golf - Seaview Resort (8) made the Top 10. Honorable mention included Sea Oaks and Mays Landing.

Finally, Atlantic City CC also topped the all-important “Best Food” category for New Jersey golfers followed closely by Scotland Run at No. 3, Stockton Seaview Resort at No. 4 and Running Deer at No. 5, while Blue Heron Pines (8) also made the Top 10. Honorable mention went to Library III at McCullough’s Emerald Golf Links, Harbor Pines and Renault Winery and Vineyard Golf.

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