Friday, January 30, 2015

Salmon Golf is Changing the Way Golfers Train with Putters

(MEDFORD, Oregon) - Train with one putter head featuring spectacular electronic feedback, then use a torque wrench to insert an identical-looking head - same shape, weight, center of gravity, feel - without the electronics.

This interchangeability is the calling card of Salmon Golf, a new golf equipment company located here in southern Oregon.

By monitoring an array of lights located directly on a Salmon Golf putter head, a golfer can receive precise information on alignment, direction of the stroke, tempo and stroke length. There are two different electronic training heads - the Alignment Training Head (for indoor use) and the Stroke Training Head (for indoor or outdoor use).

The information provided by each training head comes from motion sensing and infrared detecting technology located within the putter head. Of course, this makes the putter nonconforming for use on the golf course.

Replace that head with the non-electronic version and the putter becomes conforming. So says the U.S. Golf Association.

The two putter heads look identical, but one is the electronic version and the other is the non-electronic version.

Salmon Golf, a new golf equipment company featuring the Stroke Sensor Putting System with electronic feedback, made its official debut at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show.

The founders of the company are the husband and wife team of DeAnne and D'Miles Salmon, who share the title of chief executive. Imagine that: Husband and wife co-CEOs who always seem to support each other.

DeAnne is an expert product designer, while D'Miles is a mechanical engineer who conceived and developed products for IBM, Atari, Apple and other companies.

D'Miles also received two utility patents relating to the Salmon Golf Stroke Sensor Putting System.

The Salmon Golf president is Billy Crenshaw, an accomplished golf industry veteran who was National Sales Manager of Head Golf before joining Callaway Golf when founder Ely Callaway was building what was arguably the most formidable sales force in the golf industry.

Crenshaw worked 13 years as a Callaway sales representative and remained a valuable sounding board for product acquisition and development.

DeAnne, D'Miles and Billy have pledged to create and manufacture the most advanced putters in golf.

"I love everything about the game of golf and the golf business," Billy said, "from the research and development of innovative products, to sales and marketing, to all the golf people I meet. It's the people who make it rewarding, and that's something we always try to remember at Salmon Golf -- the purpose of what we do is to make the game more enjoyable for golfers and golf people."

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