Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nikon Introduces Trio of New COOLSHOT Golf Rangefinders

(RELEASE) - Nikon announced the release of three new COOLSHOT golf laser rangefinders during PGA Show 2015— COOLSHOT 20, COOLSHOT 40 and COOLSHOT 40i— each an ideal companion for golfers eager to improve their skills and reduce their scores.

The COOLSHOT 20 is the smallest and lightest rangefinder in the Nikon golf lineup and is designed for measuring actual distance to various objects on the course. This 4.4-ounce, easy-to-use, USGA-approved tool not only provides accurate measurements for every shot—but can also help golfers learn to better manage their game. Measurement range: 6-550 yards.  Suggested retail price for COOLSHOT 20 is $199.95.

Nikon’s COOLSHOT 40 is the most powerful USGA-approved rangefinder in the Nikon golf “toolbox.” Featuring Nikon’s original data-processing algorithm HYPER READ, the measured distance is displayed in approx. 0.5 seconds regardless of how far from the target. Measurement range: 8-650 yards.  Suggested retail price for the 5.6 ounce COOLSHOT 40 is $249.95.

The COOLSHOT 40i is the flagship rangefinder in the line with all of the features found in COOLSHOT 40, but also incorporating ID Technology which displays the slope-adjusted distance (Horizontal distance ± height) — ideal for use on golf courses with uphill and downhill slopes. Measurement range: 8-650 yards. Suggested retail price for COOLSHOT 40i is $299.95.

Each of the new COOLSHOT golf rangefinders offers a multilayer-coated 6x high-quality finder for bright, clear viewing. All models also features one-push, 8-second continuous measurement and First Target Priority Mode, which enables easy distance assessment to bunkers, fairway ends, dogleg corners and other objects on the course.  This feature is particularly useful during approach shots when measuring the distance to a flagstick on a green with woods in the background.  All three COOLSHOT models are water resistant/rainproof to keep golfers on the course in inclement conditions.

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