Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Opinion: Robert Allenby

Robert Allenby
Robert Allenby was beaten and bruised. We know that.

He was having dinner with a friend at a popular Hawaiian wine bar. We know that.

He was found by a homeless person and helped by a military man. We know that.

The police are investigating this as a kidnapping and assault.

That's all we know. Who knows more? Maybe Robert Allenby. Maybe not.

Another thing we know is that people are jumping to all sorts of conclusions. These range from prostitutes and homosexuality to lies and drugs. The homeless woman who found him is giving a slightly conflicted report, which is adding fuel to the fire.

If he was doing something illegal, shame on him. But shame on people trolling social media and bashing the poor guy. I realize that we live in a time where very little is private and so many people are skeptical of "fuzzy" situations. That's understandable, but can't we give Allenby the benefit of the doubt? This did happen on American soil and we are all innocent until proven guilty in the judicial system. The court of public opinion is much different, of course.

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