Friday, January 30, 2015

Starting Time, U.S. Home of My mini Golf Hits it out of the Park at Orlando

(RELEASE) - Marketing manager Mary Anne Penton says this is the year when the golf pros attending the PGA Show in Orlando, really got serious about getting more kids into golf.

The Starting Time booth was packed from the opening day with golf pros wanting to learn more about the first of its kind German-made product, My mini Golf, to use to help bring the fun factor into putting, especially for kids.

At the booth, however, were golf pros putting against each other in “competition” to show that My mini Golf is not just for kids, but can be used by any age. Many clubs are using it indoors, in the evening at parties, golf events and happy hour activities to bring in more club revenue. My mini Golf is a great indoor/outdoor product, but at the PGA Show it was mostly about getting more kids into golf, a goal that My mini Golf was developed for.

According to Penton, there was a 100% increase in orders this year over past years, mostly due to the need to get more kids, women and even seniors into golf. This is fundamental to growing the golf business and bringing  in more revenue to the courses here and in Canada. The attendees at the show recognize this need and are aggressively working to accomplish that. My mini Golf makes teaching and learning easier, according to Penton, and is now being used worldwide.

Starting Time has just completed a new website, A visit there will help to explain through videos and photographs the magic of My mini Golf, according to Penton.

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