Thursday, January 15, 2015

Step Into the Next Big Thing With HYPERFLEX From FootJoy

(RELEASE) - FootJoy,  the  #1  Shoe in Golf, introduces HYPERFLEX, the most distinctive footwear  category  in its history. Featuring innovative materials like the new  FlexGrid exoskeleton,  HYPERFLEX  delivers  lightweight  support and cushioning so you can play at your highest level.

The most striking feature of the new HYPERFLEX golf shoe is the upper. Most athletic  shoes  are  constructed  with soft, mesh upper materials that are ideal  for  running  and  activities  that  don't  require a lot of lateral movement.  However,  for  FJ’s  research & development team, the key was to keep  those  comfort  qualities  in  place  but  also  deliver the support, stability  and  waterproof  characteristics  required  for  golf.  Through extensive  testing,  this  balance  was  achieved  utilizing  an engineered material never before used in golf shoes, called FlexGrid.

The  very  distinct  FlexGrid  upper  was  inspired by the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker  Hill  Bridge  in  Boston,  Massachusetts. When viewing this type of cable-stayed  bridge at different angles, the cables create a grid offering tremendous strength and support, all while maintaining a sleek, lightweight and technical appearance – similar to FlexGrid.

The  FlexGrid  exoskeleton  is  strong enough to keep the foot from rolling laterally during the golf swing but also conforms to the foot and allows it to  flex.  The  base  layer  that  supports  the  exoskeleton consists of a tight-knit,  lightweight, soft, flexible, waterproof mesh, which allows for maximum  comfort,  breathability,  flexibility  and  airflow.  The combined layers  produce  a  golf shoe that wraps the foot in the comfort you expect from  an  athletic  shoe  with the additional support of a high-performance golf shoe.

“Our  designers  have  carried  out  research  in  civil  engineering  and construction to create the distinguishing aesthetics of HYPERFLEX which are also  fundamental  to  its  performance,”  said Doug Robinson, FootJoy Vice President of Design and Development Worldwide. “Every area of this shoe has been  carefully  considered,  incorporating  exceptional  craftsmanship and innovative  componentry  to  create an incredibly flexible and lightweight, yet stable, platform from which to swing.”

“I’ve  been  a big fan of the HYPERFLEX ever since I put them on before the Ryder  Cup,” said PGA Tour winner Hunter Mahan. “The comfort I get when I’m on  the golf course all day combined with the stability as I swing the club is  fantastic.  I  really  enjoy wearing this shoe and also really like the progressive, edgy styling of it.”

· FlexGrid  2.0  exoskeleton upper – The high-performance upper material defines  the  aesthetics  of  HYPERFLEX  but  also  has a highly functional purpose. The soft and comfortable material helps to control the foot during the  swing  and  retain  its  shape  over  time.  Incorporates a breathable membrane that is guaranteed waterproof for two years.
· FineTunedFoam  2.0 – The inclusion of FTF 2.0 provides the exceptional comfort  of HYPERFLEX. The next-generation midsole, constructed of a softer and lighter EVA blend, delivers supercharged cushioning.
· O.P.S. - Visible at the rear of the shoe, the Optimized Performance Stabilizer provides support and motion control towards the heel.
· N.E.O. - Next Evolutionary Outsole, equipped with ‘Tornado’ Cleats by SoftSpikes,  has  been  specifically engineered with thin TPU that provides flexible-yet-durable  underfoot  traction  elements  that  utilize  the Fast-Twist insert system.
HYPERFLEX will be available 2/15/15 in four laced styles:
- Navy/electric green
- White/grey/blue
- Black
- Grey/orange
- Green/lime green (available 3/15; quantities limited
MSRP: $190

In addition, three styles will be available 4/15/15 with the premium Boa Lacing System:
- White/grey/blue
- Grey/orange
- Black/Red
MSRP: $210

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