Thursday, January 15, 2015

SNAG Golf Scores Goal with SNAG FUTBOL

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(Tahlequah, Oklahoma) - SNAG Golf , the world leader in player development, will introduce a new above ground version of FootGolf  at the PGA Show that should have kids, coaches, golf pros and club managers all clamoring for this fun and innovative equipment that combines soccer with golf.

"For beginners, especially children, it is much easier to learn the game by kicking a ball rather than using a club,” said Terry Anton, CEO and Co-Founder of SNAG.  “We wanted to develop a program where beginners can learn course management with their feet first. Soccer is the number one participatory sport around the world, and we felt this to be an optimal opportunity to draw players into golf. Learning to play golf in a familiar and successful environment only increases the likelihood of these beginners continuing to play throughout their lifetime."

SNAG Futbol is designed to teach the concepts of real golf to new and beginning players, so they can learn to play the game with their foot before they must learn to use a club.  SNAG’s creative “Play and Kick Six” program is a 12 hole round that has players using the special SNAG Futbol equipment to play six holes and then finish their round with six holes of traditional SNAG Golf equipment.

According to Anton, “the multiple variations of the FootGolf concept are really a very good idea and a positive step in introducing the game of golf to more participants.  What we don't believe in is cutting 22" permanent holes into golf course turf or that soccer players will suddenly give up their sport to become golfers.  Importantly, all of our targets (Footstickys) and hazard features are ‘above-ground’ thus creating zero agronomic damage.”

SNAG Futbol will debut at the Annual PGA Show Demo Day on Tuesday, January 20 at the Orange County National Golf Center from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Special PGA Show pricing will be available to introduce this novel concept to the industry.

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