Tuesday, March 26, 2013

XGOLF Simulator Selected by Seadrill for Use on Drillships

XGOLF Now in Play on Land and Sea 

(LOS ANGELES) – XGOLF Simulator (www.xgolfsimulator.com), a world-renowned technologically-advanced golf simulator, club-fitting and instructional system, has been selected by Seadrill Limited, a leading offshore deepwater drilling company, for use on eight drillships being supplied to Seadrill by shipbuilder Samsung Heavy Industries. The ships will be positioned in various locations worldwide, including the United States, Norway, West Africa and elsewhere. XGOLF already has been installed on several of the drillships, with additional installations being scheduled.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen to supply these ships’ entertainment rooms with XGOLF simulators,” said Joseph Huh, CEO of XGOLF. “Just like home builders and contractors propose XGOLF to their customers as their home-theatre system, now ship-interior companies also are recommending XGOLF.”

Among the many reasons XGOLF was selected to supply golf simulators to the drillships was the special anti-vibration brackets XGOLF developed for the application. XGOLF was the only company to pass the vibration testing fully.

In addition to drillships, a variety of other oceangoing craft can be fitted with XGOLF simulators, tailored to individualized requirements, including yachts, cruise ships and even aircraft carriers. Every XGOLF installation, whether on land or sea, can be customized according to the entity’s specific needs.

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