Monday, March 18, 2013

Irish Company Launches Barber Pole Putters into U.S. Market

Solid brass precision putters feature True Roll Radius Face Technology

(DUBLIN, Ireland) - Ireland is not only known for its challenging links style courses and recent ascent of PGA Tour champions, soon it will be recognized as the home of Barber Pole Golf. Based in Dublin, Barber Pole Golf manufactures c360 solid brass precision-made putters with Radius Face Technology (RFT). According to testing by Quintic, a respected independent testing lab in England, Barber Pole putters achieve "true role" in the first 12 inches of the putt. With putting contributing to 42 percent of scoring, golfers can't afford not to invest in a quality putter.

Barber Pole is launching its Irish Links series of putters this spring to the U.S. market. Each engineered putter face in the series is carved from a block of 100 percent c360 solid brass, eliminating any possible "dead spots" or "air pockets" which can happen with casted putters. By using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) milling technology, Barber Pole guarantees the quality and integrity of each of its putters. Barber Pole uses only the finest materials to ensure that every time you stand over a putt, you know you can make it.

In addition to manufacturing its putter faces from the finest materials, Barber Pole Golf has also incorporated its patented Radius Face Technology into each Irish Links Series putter.

"Radius Face Technology is designed to stroke the golf ball above the equator," said A.J. Crinion, Putting Technologist Barber Pole Golf. "The connection produces immediate topspin and a true, forward roll for improved control and accuracy. By combining the natural properties of c360 Solid Brass with RFT, Barber Pole Golf has a truly unique and reliable putting instrument, which will reduce your number of putts, lower your score and increase your enjoyment of the greatest game ever played."

The 100 percent solid c360 brass combined with Barber Pole Golf's Radius Face Technology yields an incomparable but consistent feel with every putt.

"Feel can be defined as a combination of the actual impact and recoil being transmitted from the face of the putter, up the shaft, through the grip and ultimately to the hands," he said.

Barber Pole's Irish Links Series come in four models. The Ballybunion incorporates the ever-growing popularity of the mallet design using a double bend shaft to help align the shaft of the putter with the center of the face, making the putter face balanced. The Portrush is a classic plumbers neck design introduced to golf in the 1950s, which is offset. The Waterville is a mallet putter with the divide between the face and the rounded off cavity at the back a little thicker so it gives a solid feel. The Lahinch has a flow neck design allowing you a clean view of the ball at address, which gives you a more connected feeling to the putter.

"Barber Pole Putters automatically deliver a 'true roll' that leading Tour professionals practice for hours to achieve," said Crinion. "Players of all abilities will sink more putts in fewer strokes with the assistance of Barber Pole Putters.

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