Friday, March 29, 2013

Traveling Golfer Show, Antigua Announce Start of Official Website Contest

(PHILADELPHIA, Pa.) - The Traveling Golfer show will team up with Antigua, the official apparel sponsor, to start a website contest in conjunction with each of the four major golf championships.

The official contest description and rules will be posted on . Contest participants will have the opportunity to take part in any or all of the four separate contests. They will be instructed, via the website, to choose a winner for the upcoming major championship. Participants will be directed to e-mail their selection to an address that will be disclosed on the website. Participants only can enter one tournament at a time.

The four championships are The Masters in April, U.S. Open Championship in June, The Open Championship in July and the PGA Championship in August. The first contest will be in conjunction with the Masters Tournament and will run from March 27 - April 11. The winner will be drawn from all who correctly choose the Masters Champion.

Winners will receive a complete golf outfit from Antigua including a golf shirt, outerwear, and slacks. Visit for the contest description and find out where to submit your answers.


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