Monday, March 25, 2013

Brex Golf announces launch of BG-1 golf putter

(KNOXVILLE, Tenn.) - Brex Golf, a new golf equipment design and production company, located in Knoxville, Tenn., has launched the precision-milled Model BG-1 putter which won't be mistaken for any other putter on the market. It is being sold directly to consumers from the Brex Golf website at The model BG-1 provides two distinguishing benefits to help golfers at all skill levels sink more putts:

1) The BG-1 putter is modular which enables golfers to choose between three different hosels (the precisely engineered component that connects the head to the shaft). The hosel changes not only the look of the putter and the way it sets up at address, but it also affects the balance point (center-of-gravity) which changes the way the putter feels in the hands. A player can select the hosel that suits his eyes or the one that feels the best and matches his stroke.

For those golfers unsure about which hosel is best for their game, Brex Golf offers the Model BG-1 Complete Package, which includes all three hosels, shafts and grips. The player can try out and keep all three or select the one that works best and return other two for a refund.

2) The second major benefit of the unique BG-1 putter is the Half-Pipe, a patented alignment aid (US Patent D581477) that guides the player's eyes over the ball, the optimum position for putting effectively. When the eyes are over the ball, the Half-Pipe's center line becomes a straight line. Additionally, the Half-Pipe is the width of a golf ball, helping to frame the ball and subconsciously aid the starting of the ball on the target line. The Half-Pipe is available in either white or black with contrasting paint fill.

Specifications: The body of the BG-1 putter is CNC milled from 303 stainless steel while the Half-Pipe is CNC milled from 6061 aluminum. All Model BG-1 putters come with a True Temper stepless shaft and white Iomic grip (black available on request).
• Head weight: 350g
• Loft: 4 degrees
• Lie: 71 degrees

According to Brett Burdick, Brex Golf founder and chief designer, in addition to producing high-performance products that provide good value, a driving design objective for the Model BG-1 putter and upcoming accessories is to produce products that will not be mistaken for those by any other manufacturer. It's clear that the Model BG-1 won't be confused with any other putter currently on the market.

Initial feedback for the Model BG-1 putter has been very positive:
"I really enjoyed experimenting with your putters last week at Holston Hills Country Club. Your concept of three hosels with one head is very good, and all the hosel/head combinations have very good feel and a solid strike. I would certainly recommend that golfers try your product! Regards." John Wylie, PGA Professional Emeritus, Holston Hills Country Club, Knoxville, Tenn.

"Brex Golf has done an excellent job in allowing golfers to custom build their own putters. With this new innovation in putter design and superior feel when the ball is coming off the face of the putter, draining more putts has never been easier." David Reed, Director of Instruction, Ruggles Ferry Golf Club, Strawberry Plains, Tenn.


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