Thursday, November 15, 2012

SwingProfile Lowered to $4.99 through Thanksgiving

(CHICAGO) — Creators of SwingProfile, the golf swing sequence app for iPhone and iPad, have announced that special $4.99 download pricing is now available through Thanksgiving weekend. Earning Best New Product honors at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, SwingProfile was recently referred to by LPGA Teacher of the Year Deb Vangellow as “a brilliant golf swing analysis app that bleeds efficiency.”

Hundreds have downloaded the app since its unveiling just one month ago, and for a very limited time, SwingProfile is being made available for a fraction of its regular cost. The app remains 100% free to download and for use for up to 10 swings. After that, the special pricing of $4.99 will be offered to the user on-screen.

Available for purchase through the App Store for Apple iPhone and iPad, SwingProfile allows golfers to record their entire practice in one-take, without the need to search, trim or edit video upon playback. In addition to viewing their swings at varying playback speeds, SwingProfile allows the user to view the entire sequence and has the ability to synchronize two swings at the same time, and on the same screen.

Making the application even more unique is the app’s technology, which allows the user to capture video of his or her favorite tour player from television, and then instantly match up the PGA star’s swing against yours.

“I’ve always been enamored by those fold-out pages in the popular golf magazines which demonstrate the long, graceful swing sequences of professional players,” said Dr. Chan. “Studying swing sequence is a great way to improve your game and forced me to make my own swing sequence software where no editing was required.”

Visit for more information or to see SwingProfile in action. To download SwingProfile, simply visit the App store online or on your iPhone or iPad.


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