Monday, November 26, 2012

Complete Your Holiday Gift Guide at Golfsmith

The holiday season is upon us and American Golfer has been busy testing some of the latest equipment and apparel on the market. If you’ve got a golfer on your list, you’ve undoubtedly been scouring the Internet for information on what’s hot.

You know what you want? But where do you get it? How about some one-stop shopping - in the store or online - in honor of Cyber Monday? May we suggest Golfsmith?

Golfsmith International, the largest golf retailer in the world with more than 150 stores throughout North America and a robust online store, will sell millions of golf balls, along with tons of golf tees and tens of thousands of golf shirts just in the month leading up to the December holidays. Impressive.

You now know “The Where,” but your still not sure about “The What?” That’s where American Golfer comes into play. We tested the Cleveland 588 RTX CB Black Pearl Wedge from Golfsmith ... and love it.

A stellar combination of performance and forgiveness is what makes this club stand out within its category. The Rotex face is directionally milled, which adds roughness and imparts maximum spin on open-face wedge shots. Friction at impact helps generate even more spin on chips and pitches, from any lie.

For example, in our test, we had a leading wedge and the 588 RTX CB. While the competitor performed very well on most shots, we still dealt with the ball “sliding” up the face from time to time, resulting in coming up woefully short of our target. The friction provided by Cleveland’s offering prevented this from happening.

The 588 RTX CB Black Pearl Wedge, which retails for $119.99, also outperformed its challenger out of the rough and sand. Check HERE for more information or to order one for yourself.

Need another option? The “old reliable” golf ball has taken your choice to another (colorful) level. According to Golfsmith, yellow golf balls will be a popular item because yellow is the most visible color in the spectrum. Tests show improved visibility of yellow golf balls since they’re twice as easy to see as standard white golf balls. Yellow allows golfers to visualize tee shots better and see the entire ball flight. One in ten golf balls sold this year will be yellow with major manufacturers Titleist, Bridgestone, Srixon and Nike going yellow.

American Golfer tested the Srixon Q Star Tour Yellow ($24.99), directly from the Golfsmith shelves. First, visibility is certainly not an issue. Be it a bright, cloudless sky in the morning or a gray, overcast afternoon, this ball pops.

STAR stands for Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration and Responsiveness. While designed for mid-to-high swing speeds, we didn’t experience a lack of quality when taking something off of our swings - when either clubbing down or playing half shots.

Like a majority of balls, Srixon claims to provide both distance and feel, and we can’t dispute either. Take a look at all the balls Golfsmith sells HERE.

You’ve now got the latest, greatest wedge and your choice of yellow balls. How about dressing in style?

According to Golfsmith, bright and bold patterns and colorful options abound. Bright, strong statements with a heavy dose of neon are gracing golf courses from leading apparel outfitters like Nike, Oakley, Lacoste, Puma Travis Mathew and adidas. Here are some examples.

Finding just the right holiday gift for a golfer is a daunting task, especially if the shopper does not play golf. For some, selecting a golf-related gift is more challenging than sinking a hole in one. Golfsmith has helped take the guesswork out of shopping for the golfer on anyone’s shopping list.

Whether looking for clubs, balls, apparel or just about anything a golfer needs, Golfsmith has you covered this holiday season. Log onto or visit a store near you. Happy Holidays!


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