Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Product Review: A|U|R

Whether you’re a golfer looking to take your game to the next level or have someone on your holiday shopping list who fits that description, take a look at AUR.

Gone are the days of knit cotton shirts that weighed you down when sweaty or bunched up while you tried to swing. AUR has advanced the ball in the world of performance apparel and done so with style.

Always on the hunt for any advantage, American Golfer took a shirt from the AUR Advance collection out for a test. This category features the AUR double-knit Dri-Max polyester.

Before trying on the shirt, we took notice of how soft and lightweight it was. While you may not care about that on the first tee, every ounce counts as the round progresses and each shot means more than the last.

Second, the shirt is on and offers a custom-fit feel. Major points.

Last, but certainly not least ... the swing test. No binding. No restrictions. Just smooth from swing to swing with AUR. If you’re a sweat-producing machine - one that goes through a couple gloves during a hot day - the Dri-Max wicks away the moisture.

American Golfer Recommendation: Check out AUR at www.aurgolf.com. Trouble with how to pair an outfit for the lucky recipient? No worries - with four fashion groups from which to choose (H2O, Zone, Balance and Humanity) - AUR makes it easy to shop.

We love the shirt, but take your time and browse the other elements. Layering options include sweaters, jackets, quarter- and full-zips, and vests. Pants and shorts are also available. There’s also an extensive ladies collection.

Contact: AmericanGolferBlog@gmail.com

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