Thursday, November 29, 2012

HIRZL Continues Domination of RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship

Captures Three World Titles in 2012

(Granbury, TX) - With over 80% of the field using its Trust Control, TRUST Feel and SOFFFT Flex golf glove, HIRZL dominated the 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Players wearing HIRZL gloves won three World Titles and had two second place finishes, establishing HIRZL as the winningest glove at the Championship by outperforming all other glove manufacturers combined.

“As the world’s longest drivers competed head to head at this years finals, the one common denominator for success was HIRZL gloves,” said Gary Sheppard, President of HIRZL North America. “When you combine this year’s 3 World Titles with last year’s 5 World Titles, HIRZL has clearly demonstrated that it is the glove of choice for the world’s best golfers seeking the ultimate in a performance golf glove.”

Highlights of this year’s RE/MAX World Long Drive finals include:
* First Place: Sandra Carlborg - Ladies World Long Drive Champion (Defending Champion) - wearing a HIRZL TRUST Control glove. Heather LeMaster, wearing a HIRZL TRUST Control, finished third.
* First Place: David Brinker - Legend's Division World Champion - wearing a HIRZL TRUST Control.
* First Place: Jack Crutchfield - Grand Champion's Division World Champion - wearing a HIRZL TRUST Control.
* Runner-Up: Mike Barbarossa - Super Senior Division- wearing a HIRZL TRUST Control.
* Runner-Up: Tim Burke - Open Division - wearing a HIRZL TRUST Feel

“HIRZL has reaffirmed its position as the leading performance golf glove and the ultimate in grip and durability,” said Art Sellinger, chief executive officer of Long Drivers of America, owners of the Championship. “With so much riding on every single drive, a grip-enhancing golf glove is now one of the most trusted and valuable pieces of equipment used to help achieve longer and straighter drives and that is why the world’s longest drivers use HIRZL gloves.”

HIRZL is a global pioneer in high performance sports gloves where innovation and precision engineering is at the heart of the HIRZL philosophy and is supported by a focus on design excellence and top quality production.

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