Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Product Review: G-Mac by Kartel

Thanks to Graeme McDowell and Kartel, you don’t have to be a US Open champion to dress like one. If you have a golfer on your holiday list this season, the G-Mac collection is for you.

As you may imagine from what we know of McDowell, the G-Mac collection is a stylish, performance-focused clothing line with an air of understated sophistication. Check out the selection HERE.

American Golfer had to see if form met function in this stylish assortment. Immediately upon donning the Portrush polo shirt, we knew superior craftsmanship went into the creation. The button-down, two-piece collar with four-button plackette and chest pocket screamed individuality. From a technical standpoint, its UV cut offers up to Factor 30 from the sun's harmful rays, while Kartel promises quick-drying action and the prevention of unpleasant odors because of Absorbtec and antimicrobial functionality.

The MGWool sweater was an ideal partner to the polo. Its pure mercerised wool provides a softer feel and natural shine. No need to worry about the wool being uncomfortable against the skin, taking away from your golf game. This is a light and luxurious, non-itch and extremely breathable fabric.

Scotland may be the birthplace of golf, but Dublin, Ireland can now be considered the home of “modern vintage” with Kartel’s G-Mac collection.

For a complete look at all G-Mac has to offer, visit www.gmacbykartel.com.

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