Thursday, November 15, 2012

Product Review: Putting Perfection DVD

Want to shoot lower scores? Make more putts. Simple, right?

According to Maria Palozola’s instructional video, Putting Perfection, 60 percent of the shots you take are within 100 yards of the green and 40 percent are putts.

Given those stats and acknowledging that it’s important to drive well, golfers should spend more time on the practice green than they do at the range. How many do?

Palozola, a Top 50 golf instructor, and PGA Tour Veteran Jay Delsing team up to walk you through the Five Principles of Putting Perfection. They are:
1. Having a solid setup;
2. Aiming the putter correctly;
3. Making a pure path;
4. Hitting it in the center; and
5. Controlling the speed

From developing a proper grip and striking the ball solidly to choosing the right putter and reading the greens, this accomplished pair make it easy to learn, whether you’re a beginner or low-handicapper. Even the best players can take away valuable information.

As an example of a simple practice tip Palozola offered - work on distance by putting to the fringe. Take away the pressure of finding the bottom of the hole.

Winter is quickly approaching, so many will be aching to golf ... even to practice. There’s nothing simpler than putting on your carpet at home. Pick a line across the room and work on your distance control. Complete that drill and putt to a target - coffee mug, leg of a chair, the DVD case, etc.

If you’re happy two-putting every green - with an equal mix of one- and three-putts - then you’re going to sign a card with 36 putts at the end of the round. If your partner doesn’t three putt and manages to make a couple more one-putts, you’re likely to be giving away four strokes, or more. Can you afford that?

Can you afford $39.99 to claim that advantage for yourself? If so, visit and take advantage of the introductory price (normally $49.99). On the website you’ll also find valuable tips on the full swing, chipping, bunkers, the mental side, and more. Check it out for yourself - Free sneak peek.

Looking for a Christmas gift? Whether in the stocking or under the tree, Putting Perfection is an ideal present for the golfer on your list - naughty or nice.

American Golfer Recommendation: Even the top pros seek out putting gurus. Let Maria Palozola be your putting guru.

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