Monday, November 19, 2012

Starting Time Reports on Easiest, Best Way to Fill Fairway Divots

One of the foremost golf clubs in South Florida, The Ibis Golf and Country Club has given each member a patented Fix with Mix Sand and Seed Dispenser so that their beautiful club will always look and play as a fine club should.

Each of the members uses electric carts that they own. There are no walkers allowed at Ibis. However, on Cart Path Only days there is often a long walk to the player's golf ball. Even on dry days, carts are not allowed close to the greens. The Fix with Mix dispenser hangs conveniently on the player's bag on the back of the cart where they are easy to take along with a club or two and carry to their ball. The Fix with Mix is about half the weight of the larger white dispensers, yet holds a quart of sand/seed mix, furnished by the club. This normally will be enough for an 18 hole course. They are also easily refilled from containers on most three par holes, or at the start of another nine.

Hugh Penton, President of Starting Time, has seen the Fix with Mix dispenser use grow in popularity. He reports that between their use by walkers, and now for carts, the demand is growing substantially. They are inexpensive and easy to use, with many players repairing their divots, as well as other fairway divots. The dispensers also make great golf gifts or tournament prizes, according to Penton.

The swivel clip makes it easy to hang from the bag, or with the patented design, put in front in the cup holders. There is far less cost and no expensive clips to attach to the cart. The Fix with Mix can be seen on There is also a handsome plastic wood, maintenance-free stand and return box available that can be placed by the first and tenth tee. These are used for storage of the dispensers and kept filled by the cart crews.

Fix with Mix dispensers will easily stand on a Pro Shop counter and players can be encouraged to buy through the club shop if they wish to sell them to the members and keep a lid on their maintenance crew expenses. According to Hugh Penton, since the original US and European Patents were obtained in November of 2003 by Starting Time, there have been many important changes and improvements made to the units. These have made them more durable and convenient to use for all players, whether they walk or ride.


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