Friday, November 16, 2012

Product Review: Swingbyte

When we first heard about the training tool Swingbyte, we knew this was a product that screamed for a review. Could a product that costs so little ($149), really provide so much valuable information about your swing? Well, we took Swingbyte out for a test and want to share our thoughts. But first ...

Overhead View
How easy is it to get started?
You need an iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod Touch, iPad or Android phone. Download the app and answer a few questions - height, weight, sex and distance in inches from your wrist to the ground.

Once you pair with the Bluetooth on your device (you have a step-by-step guide on your phone), attach Swingbyte to your club of choice. It weighs less than an ounce and attaches just below the shaft.

Now you’re ready to hit balls. It’s that easy.

Taking some swings
We selected driver from the list of options on our phone. You can load exact measurement of each club (loft, length, shaft flex, etc.) to provide an even more accurate analysis.

Now swing. You have to hit something - golf ball, indoor ball, plastic practice ball - to register a reading. Two beeps means that swing was registered. No need to tap any buttons, just move on to the next swing.

What information does Swingbyte capture?
A lot:
* Club head speed and acceleration at all points through your swing
* Your club's true plane from address to impact
* Club face angle relative to swing path
* Static and dynamic loft and lie at address and impact
* Angle of attack and club path
* Tempo

Swing Data
Analyze this
Go to the app on your phone and enjoy real-time swing analysis at your fingertips. All the swings are stored in history for easy reference. Look at them all or filter them by club.

The Internet allows you to improve faster with online analytics and you can review and share your data online with your pro and on Facebook. The advanced analytics offer full swing history, trends and development areas.

American Golfer Recommendation: Swingbyte is abundantly cool and easy to use. The information gathered can be very useful and the training tips provide a teaching pro’s insight into improving your game based on real data.

We would offer one caveat. Unless you possess the knowledge of a teaching professional, the amount of data can be a little overwhelming. Swingbyte offers so much information that can make you a better player. Take that information, show it to someone who knows the ins and outs of the swing.

Our advice: Buy Swingbyte and pay for a lesson with a qualified teaching pro. Let them review your data and offer you tips to improve. What should your swing tempo be or what’s your ideal attack angle and how do you get there? Once you have your data and know what you’re looking for, Swingbyte will be with you any time of day or night, on or off the course. That’s priceless!


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