Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stuff Stockings with CHAMP Accessories

While wrapping up the latest driver and placing it under the Christmas tree may draw shrieks of excitement, don’t forget about stuffing the stocking with the hottest golf accessories.

Gone are the days when a bag of wooden pegs deserved a place in the golf bag. Today, it’s all about performance, and nothing performs better than the CHAMP Zarma FLYtee. Made with a durable plastic design and a six-prong head, these beauties will increase your distance and accuracy off the tee.

How? Good question. The shallow cup and prongs provide less friction, leading to greater distance. They’re biodegradable, too, so don’t worry about damaging Mother Earth.

A quick lesson in cause and effect. Because the golfer on your list will be hitting it longer and straighter off the tee, they’ll enjoy shorter approach shots from the fairways. That results in more ball marks on the greens. pair the Zarma FLYtees with the CHAMP Flix Lite.

This automatic-opening divot repair tool is the company’s lightest and most ergonomic tool, and is designed for the golfer that needs a rugged repair tool that, when slipped in to the pocket, is hardly noticeable. The Flix Lite comes supplied with a Flix branded magnetically attached ball marker, too, so no more shuffling for nickels or dimes on the first tee.

Check out www.champspikes.com for all the company offers, including a wide variety of spikes.

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