Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Geoff Mangum's PuttingZone Announces New Green Reading eBook

Geoff Mangum of the PuttingZone Community of 152 Certified Coaches in 20 Countries announces the release of a FREE 45-page eBook for reading breaking putts, entitled "Slopes and Break."

Geoff Mangum
This new eBook details how to use one simple putt on the practice green before a round in order to test and learn the "ball park" standard breaks on typical slopes, in terms of inches of break per foot. The method uses real physics and greens science combined with the personal putting pace used by any specific golfer to teach the golfer how his or her individual putting pace results in breaks given the slope and the green speed that day.

For example, if a golfer using his personal putting pace aims a 10-foot putt from a sidehill position straight at the center of the hole, and that start line results in the ball curving below the hole and crossing the fall line and then stopping not far past the fall line, the exact distance the ball crosses below the center of the hole might be 10 inches when the slope is 2% grade and the green speed is Stimp 10'. This test, then, teaches that all putts across 2% slopes that day will break 10"/10' or 1 inch per foot of break. A 5-footer is aimed 5" up the fall line from the center of the hole, an 8-footer is played 8" out, and a 15-footer is played 15" out. And 3% slopes are played 1.5 inches per foot; 4% slopes are played 2" per foot.

The eBook is available free by email request to geoff@puttingzone.com.

Geoff Mangum said, "This method for learning break overcomes the flaws in green reading systems used by others who simply take a physics formula, assume some supposed "optimal" putting pace in general for all golfers, and then calculate breaks that don't fit any specific golfer's personal putting pace, and give breaks that are wrong for that golfer. These calculated breaks also require golfers to use electronic gadgets on the course before playing the real round to measure green speeds, fall lines, and slopes in order to look up the breaks in calculation tables or charts, but never teach the golfer how to have skill to perceive these parameters independently as golfers are required to do when they play real golf. The PuttingZone teaches perception processes for putting reading and aiming, and the eBook covers these perceptual skills and methods."

For your free copy, email geoff@puttingzone.com.

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