Monday, November 26, 2012

The New Version 2.6 of Swinguru Pro Now Available

Swinguru Pro version 2.6, the latest update to the world's first markerless 3D swing analysis software, is now available.

This version brings several new features to the software including:
• Side by side feature: you are now able to compare 2 different swings from your library, or with the Greg Havret reference swing.
• Remote Control: support for a remote control to easily use the major features of Swinguru Pro during self-use or lessons.
• Virtual balance plate update: enhanced balance plate with real position of the feet at address & a new presentation of the center of gravity path.
• Video export: automated mode to export videos for use with other video analysis software, such as V1 Pro.
• Full compatibility with Windows 8.
• Improved preferences panel.
• Ability to remove gesture control option.
• Bug fixes.

If you would like to see a preview of these new features you can check out the version 2.6 video on the Swinguru's website:

Swinguru Pro now has an automated video export to run in parallel with other video analysis software, bringing 3D data and views to your video swing analysis. For example, this video shows you how you can use Swinguru Pro alongside V1 Pro:

The new version is available for all existing customers on the Swinguru website. New users should contact Quentin ( to follow a demo webinar with information about the new version and to receive a customized quote.

Swinguru Pro is the world's first markerless 3D golf training system. It combines full body 3D visualisation with simple intuitive and interactive feedback for golf swing analysis. For more information's and videos, visit


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