Thursday, June 3, 2021

Bottle Tee Training Aid Helps Produce Inside and Upward Swing Naturally

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) – One of the most important reasons good golfers can consistently drive it long off the tee is their ability to repeat the “in and up” swing plane time after time. Their downswing comes from the inside, and when the clubhead strikes the ball it is on an upward path. That is the right combination for big distance.

Now there is a simple-to-use training aid that makes it easy to perfect the in and up swing plane. It’s called the Bottle Tee, and it is easy as sticking a tee into the ground and letting your natural instincts take over.

“Learning the in and up swing can be challenging because there are a lot of moving parts to remember when you're trying to perform what ultimately needs to be a natural, seamless movement,” said Frank Carroll, co-owner with his brother Jim of Green Keepers Inc., parent company for the Bottle Tee. “And it is typically taught in books or in person with a lot of visuals and verbal instruction. That’s where Bottle Tee is different. It places the ball up so high, your brain and body naturally and automatically adjust to swing from the inside out and on the upswing, producing longer and more piercing, draw-shaped drives. The idea is, if you practice enough hitting off the Bottle Tee, you will naturally develop the right in and up swing plane.”

The name Bottle Tee comes from a non-golf product that was used by some instructors to teach this method: a water bottle. They would fill it up with sand, place the ball on top and have their students swing away.

“It looked ugly, but with the ball up so high, it worked great to naturally produce an in and up swing without having to think about it,” said Carroll. “Now we have our brand-new invention that works even better – and certainly a lot more consistent and effective – than using a bottle.”

Why does an inside and upward swing produce more distance? You'd need to sit through a physics class to fully understand why this produces longer shots, but in simply put, hitting the ball from the inside and on the upswing does three things: 

- It reduces spin.

- It increases energy transfer (and therefore, ball speed).

- It produces lower-lofted, draw-biased shots (which roll out after they land). 

- It all adds up to more distance. Just listen to the experts.

"Attack the ball from inside the target line and hit up on it. This path will produce the high, drawing ball flight I prefer." - Jordan Spieth, 3-Time Major Championship Winner.

"The driver is the only club you want to hit slightly on the upswing." - Tiger Woods, 15-Time Major Championship Winner.

"That upswing hit creates a high launch…you'll get more carry." - Butch Harmon, Golf Digest's "50 Best Teachers in America" (Rank: #1).

The Bottle Tee is a new invention, but the company behind it has a long history in manufacturing…and golf. Green Keepers, Inc. was founded in 1996 as one of the pioneers in the non-metal cleat revolution. Their invention of the outward-angled, traction-tooth golf cleats is still being used around the world today.

Since then, Green Keepers has introduced several products many golfers know and love, including the 4 Yards More Performance Golf Tee, the Line-M-Up stenciling device, the Myball golf ball personalizer, and the PosiSet grip counterweights.

“All our products are designed, tooled, and produced in Philadelphia,” says Carroll.  “We take our time inventing new products. We want to make products that make a difference in somebody’s game.”

The Bottle Tee fits that philosophy according to some of the game’s best instructors.

"This new Bottle Tee is easy and it gets results,” said Mike Malaska, 2011 PGA Teacher of the Year.  “It gives you a new picture about how to make a swing, so your instincts take over rather than thinking about positions. And as you get better hitting it off this, you're going to feel a whole different swing. The bottled tee gives you a new picture, it gives you a new feel, and it's going to change your swing.

Simply by using the Bottle Tee, you will develop a powerful new driver swing that approaches the ball from the "inside out" and on the upswing, producing the longest, most piercing drives you've ever hit.

The Bottle Tee retails for $24.95 and comes with a money-back guarantee. The package includes two Bottle Tees and bonus “4 Yards More” tees.

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