Friday, December 18, 2020

Script to Screen and M2 Marketing and Management Launch National Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Campaign for Adams Golf Innovation by TaylorMade

Just in Time for Holiday Gifting, This DTC Marketing Duo Collaborate in The Execution of National TV Campaign for Redesigned Fairway Wood Clubs

(LOS ANGELES) — Script to Screen, a performance-driven marketing agency with 30 years of experience transforming products and services, such as Bare Escentuals, Shark Rotator, Gwynnie Bee, and Nutrisystem, into bestselling brands, has launched a 120-second TV spot for Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood Clubs, upon being contracted by TaylorMade Golf for commercials, website redesign and social media management.

The campaign, managed by M2 Marketing and Management, was designed by Script to Screen to share details of Adams Golf clubs design enhancements and prove that the brand has once again provided state-of-the-art products that will greatly enhance the sport and your score. 

The redesigned Fairway Wood Clubs were developed to help three common problem maneuvers:  trouble from the fairway, out of the long rough, and consistent tee shots.

The new ad features Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Instructor Brian Mogg and famed sports broadcaster Dan Hellie discussing the tri-sole design, “extended face technology” and proprietary velocity slot of the clubs, features exclusive to Adams Golf. These features allow the club’s face to flex and rebound rapidly compelling the ball to go straight off the tee to its intended destination from the rough or anywhere on the fairway.

The TV spot features testimonials from satisfied golfers with a great variety of handicaps discussing the clubs’ benefits including a “massive hitting area,” which is 14% larger than most clubs.   It features golfing action shots demonstrating how the clubs will boost confidence, lower scores and move golf performance forward – three typical golfer concerns.

“Adams Golf has created clubs that are designed to improve the game of every golfer and it was important that we portrayed their versatility in this ad,” said Ken Kerry, Co-Founder and Executive Creative/Strategy Director of Script to Screen.  “We highlighted in with graphics the club features and the angles of golf shots themselves showing how these clubs have the next generation of performance club technology that will instantly improve the scores of both the average golfer and the competitive professional.”  

The commercial includes the striking soundbite that “With Adams technology you’ll hit your shots high, long, and with the consistency you always wanted.”

The Script to Screen spot also demonstrates that the Fairway Wood clubs allow extra forgiveness and greater consistency.  They provide a center of gravity very low inside the head giving a golfer enough versality to play a ball off any lie and offering a great trajectory.

The spot also emphasizes near its end the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee that comes by ordering the clubs via

For more information about Script to Screen, visit Learn more about TaylorMade Golf at (866) 530-TMAG (8624) or online at

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