Thursday, December 3, 2020

PGA TOUR Veteran Chip Beck and Best Young Teacher Jake Thurm to Give Live Golf Lessons Using AI-Powered PerfectMotion Platform

– PGA TOUR veteran Chip Beck and Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Jake Thurm, along with PerfectMotion CEO Rich Kosowsky, will host a unique and informative live webinar on Monday, December 14, at 12 PM Eastern. During the event, viewers of the Zoom webinar will have the opportunity to share their swings with Beck and Thurm via the PerfectMotion App for instant LIVE analysis and personalized instruction.

To participate and receive free swing analysis from Beck or Thurm, install the PerfectMotion app from the link on, register, select Jake Thurm or Chip Beck as your coach then take some swings in front of your phone. Your swings will be automatically available during the event.

For instructors, the event will demonstrate the platform’s ability to create a real-time digital connection with each student and a new leveraged revenue model. Golfers will experience how the PerfectMotion app provides continuous expert feedback on every swing or putt taken (with or without a ball) and a custom video fix for their specific issue. And all they need is their phone.

According to Kosowsky, the timing couldn’t be better. “Heading into the winter season, using PerfectMotion at home is an easy and fun way for any golfer to improve their game with every club in the bag. The PerfectMotion app is a simple, personalized, and highly effective training system you can use indoors or outdoors at any time,” Kosowsky says. “Chip and Jake are two of the most entertaining and knowledgeable personalities in the game today, so golfers of all levels will not want to miss this event. 

The PerfectMotion app allows golfers to train anywhere, anytime, with or without a ball, while receiving expert guidance on every swing and putt. To start improving, golfers simply place their phone on the ground angled up toward them and make swings with a driver, iron, wedge, or work on chips and putts. The app uses proprietary artificial intelligence to track the golfer’s body motion and instantly determine their key swing issue. The app then calls up professional video instruction that addresses the golfer’s specific issue and helps eliminate it. Subscription users can have the PerfectMotion-affiliated coach of their choice evaluate their PerfectMotion-created MotionMaps and provide detailed, personalized lessons.

“PerfectMotion is one of the most useful and powerful tools I’ve seen for teaching golf. I’m excited to show what PerfectMotion can do. A lot of people are going to be amazed at how easy and fun the game improvement process is with this app,” Beck says.

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