Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Cleveland Golf Unveils New Cleveland CBX 2 Black Satin Finish

– Golfers have come to love the Cleveland CBX 2 wedge for its combination of spin, control and forgiveness. There’s even more to love with the addition of the stylish, all-new Black Satin finish. The Cleveland CBX 2 Black Satin officially launches in North America on December 18, 2020.

The Cleveland CBX 2 changed the golf industry’s approach to wedge design. For far too long, wedges have been designed for the world’s best players at the expense of the everyday golfers who define the sport. That’s why the Cleveland CBX 2 is a forgiving, cavity back wedge built with the everyday player in mind. It features tour wedge technologies that you would expect from Cleveland Golf, but it is loaded with forgiveness so everyone can take advantage of those developments in design. With the addition of the Black Satin finish, players can upgrade their style points on the course as well.

“The Cleveland CBX wedge line has been a revolution for wedges,” said Mike Powell, President of North America Sales and Marketing at Cleveland Golf. “The Cleveland CBX 2 has made the short game easier, and now golfers will have expanded options when choosing their wedges with the new Black Satin release.”

In addition to the new Black Satin finish and the original Tour Satin, Cleveland CBX 2 wedges are offered in a variety of different lofts and sole grinds. The V-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 46°- 52° lofts. Meanwhile, the S-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 54° and 56° lofts, while the C-Shaped Sole grind is offered in 58° and 60° lofts. The wedges are available in left and right-handed options.

Retail Information and Pricing

- Pricing: $139.99 for Steel; $149.99 for Graphite.

- U.S. Retail Launch Date: December 18, 2020

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