Monday, August 5, 2019

Test Drive a BIG MAX Cart Across the U.S.

(RELEASE) — Europe's #1 Push Cart brand, BIG MAX, is giving golfers across the U.S. the chance to try out one of its award winning push carts at no cost this summer with its Test Drive program.

35 venues across 13 states have taken up the program that enables golfers to take a BIG MAX push cart out for a test round. BIG MAX hopes that golfers across the country will get to experience first hand the multiple health and game benefits of pushing along with all of the benefits unique to pushing a BIG MAX cart.

Rick Oldach, CEO of BIG MAX USA explains, “Using a push cart enables golfers to get the health benefits of walking 4 or 5 miles whilst keeping stress and fatigue from the back and shoulders that can come from carrying your clubs. And with BIG MAX you get the added benefit of 25 years of innovative engineering that makes them a breeze to push, simple to fold and store in the smallest of spaces, and full of features that make life on course easier. We’re delighted to offer golfers the chance to see for themselves what they could get from using a BIG MAX push cart, and have no doubt that once they try one, they’ll never go back!”

From California to New Jersey and Minnesota to Texas BIG MAX carts are waiting to be test driven by golfers who are curious to try out a push cart and want to start with the brand that Europe – the continent of walking golfers – has chosen as their No. 1 brand for the past 20 years.

Simply click on the link to find your nearest Test Drive Center

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