Saturday, August 3, 2019

Hand Crafted: The Story of Bob Vokey

(VIDEO) - Bob Vokey is a humble man. He balks a bit at the “Master Craftsman” title that his admirers like to place before his name. But is there a better way to describe someone whose creations have set the clear standard in golf for what a wedge should be?

Twenty-one years ago, Bob Vokey joined Titleist. He had been working for Founders Club, a company specializing in metal woods and, in fact, Bob's first project with Titleist was assisting with the final specifications of the popular Titleist Titanium 975D driver.

Soon thereafter, however, Bob was asked to head up an important new Titleist Clubs initiative that would change the course of his life.

“Titleist wanted to get into high-performance wedges," Bob recalled, "and I was asked to do them. I was given the resources and away I went.”

Bob applied a keen eye for detail, a knack for working with his hands and a unique ability to listen to people and he rolled up his sleeves. He headed for the worldwide professional golf tours, what Bob refers to as “the best R&D facility in the world.”

He worked closely with the professionals - on the driving ranges, practice greens, and bunkers - taking meticulous notes to better understand exactly what players need in their short game clubs - in terms of design, performance and, most importantly, feel. It’s a crucial part of the process that Bob and his team still rely on to this day.

After eight months at the work bench and on the grinding wheel, Bob brought his first prototype wedges to the PGA Tour. The first Vokey Design wedge went into play at the 1997 St. Jude Classic in Memphis, Tennessee and since then, Vokey Design wedges have become the most trusted and sought after wedges the game of golf has ever known.

The video above tells the story of a master craftsman. It tells the story of Bob Vokey.

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