Friday, August 23, 2019

Listen to Your Favorite Summer Jams Anywhere with Bag Boy’s Bluetooth Accessories

(Richmond, VA) – Bag Boy, a leader in innovative golf products and accessories, is highlighting their Mini Soundbar and Bluetooth Speaker Kit, as part of their Electronic Tech Accessories Collection, which launched this past year.

"Much has changed in the past few years,” said Pat Gallagher, Product Manager at Bag Boy. “A growing number of amateurs and pros are bringing music to the range and out onto the course.”

The Bluetooth Speaker Kit is a lightweight, Bluetooth speaker able to stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices as well as pair for hands-free cell phone use, with a range up to 32 feet. Additionally, it features a secure cart mount to easily affix to any Bag Boy cart and most riding carts.

The Mini Soundbar is a durable, wireless speaker that streams music and audio from any Bluetooth enabled device. It is perfect for outdoor activities as it is rubberized and water-resistant. The Mini Soundbar includes a metal carabiner, which enables the speaker to connect to almost anything. The built-in power bank charges electronic devices such as cell phones via USB to keep you connected while enjoying the outdoors. The Electronic Tech Accessories Collection also features the 3-in-1 Cart Fan, Solar Charger and the Electronic Hand Warmer.

For more information or to view the full collection, visit


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