Thursday, January 31, 2019

Color Path Golf Brightens Up the PGA Merchandise Show

(RELEASE) - The launch of the ground-breaking golf coaching concept COLOR PATH GOLF at the PGA Merchandise Show last week was one of the highlights of event.  The concept, which uses a color coded system to bring visual simplicity to your game, was lauded for its innovation, ease of use and value for money.

The media, internationally renowned coaches and national governing bodies from all over the world flocked to the stand to see co-founders Kevin Merry and John Glenn demonstrate the kit. Their enthusiasm was infectious, always drawing a crowd, and resulted in a complete sell out of their Show kit as well as some fantastic leads for this fledgling company.

“I cannot explain just how exciting it has been to have coaches we admire coming to meet us and take our product away,” commented John. “Megan Younkman from the LPGA's Global Education Team called us her Hottest Training Aid of 2019 and our kit even made it onto The Golf Channel in the hands of one of their coaches, Garrett Froggatte, who was so blown away by what he saw.  We cannot thank people enough for their support. It’s going to be an incredible year for us and we can’t wait to get going,”

COLOR PATH GOLF is a new visual way of learning. Using the COLOR PATH GOLF concept, coaches and golfers place shapes in the four primary colors on the ground to create simple, easy to follow maps. These give greater clarity to the path that the golf club should follow to hit the perfect shot.  The products in the COLOR PATH GOLF range are all supported by an extensive online library of drills, games and lesson plans for coaches and consumers.

Kevin added, “We have known for a relatively long time that our concept is powerful and effective but this week we have seen our peers experience that lightbulb moment which tells us, and them, that we have struck on something that has the power to change golf forever.  This time next year, if everything goes to plan, our product will have been in the hands of coaches and golfers all over the world, which is an incredible feeling.  This is just the beginning for us and the future for us and for golf is looking extremely bright.”

To find out more about the COLOR PATH GOLF® system contact John Glenn at or visit To keep up to date with all the news follow us socially @ColorPathGolf.

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