Thursday, December 20, 2018

Product Review: Puma Golf IGNITE PWRADAPT Disc Golf Shoe

Here’s a dilemma facing golfers on a regular basis … You want a lightweight shoe that offers extreme, non-slip gripping. Somehow the IGNITE PWRADAPT Disc golf shoe from Puma delivers on both fronts.

In too many cases, you can’t achieve both demands. Lightweight shoes are comfortable, but tend to slip. Spiked shoes hug the turf, but can be less-than-comfy. With the IGNITE PWRADAPT, you don’t need to choose between comfort and performance.

Puma’s full-length IGNITE Foam cushioning platform provides responsive comfort and PWRADAPT Technology’s 3-dimensional traction that adapts to the way you move provides traction, but what’s the “Disc” in its name?

The Disc is an ingenious method of lacing the shoes for a custom feel. Slide into the upper and twist the disc to tighten on your foot - not too tight and not too loose. One click counter clockwise and the tightening is undone.

Bonus: The Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT Disc golf shoe looks great, is lightweight and hugs the turf … but it also comes with a two-year waterproof guarantee. That’s the trifecta, plus one!

Check out to learn more about the Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT Disc golf shoe and order a pair today.

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Richard Baker said...

Wow, these shoes are crazy comfortable! Walking around in my house I didn’t think they had that much cushion, but when I stepped onto the course they really performed! I feel very connected to the ground, very stable, and grip/traction is good. I love the way they look too. Other reviewers are right... order 1/2 size smaller than usual because they do run a little long.