Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Product Review: PeakVision GX5 Sunglasses

You wear sunscreen to protect your skin and a hat to shade the top of your head. Sun safety is no joke. What are you doing to protect your eyes while playing golf?

The obvious answer should be “wear sunglasses.” Far too many people, however, are ignoring this extremely important safety measure. The most common excuse has to do with distortion. Wearing sunglasses while playing golf used to make it seem as though you were constantly playing downhill. 

That was then … This is now. Technology has advanced so far in recent years that there is zero difference in vision between wearing - or not wearing - sunglasses. And PeakVision is at the forefront of the charge.

Take the GX5, for instance. This frame boasts PeakVision’s proprietary Zero-Distortion optics and features patented Dual-Zone Hybrid Optics lens technology. These block harmful UV rays while delivering the clearest, sharpest vision in both bright and dim light.

The frame is highly flexible and incredibly lightweight, as well. And the nose pads are completely adjustable, leading to luxurious comfort and stability.

Time out. Let’s take a step back and discuss Dual-Zone HYBRID Optics. The neutral-gray upper zone manages glare, while the amber lower zone increases contrast. The sun is minimized and the turf is now high definition!

Another complaint I hear about using sunglasses on the golf course (or any sport, really) is the ease at which they’re ruined. PeakVision has an answer for that, too.

In addition to the aforementioned flexibility, the GX5 is also highly impact resistant and feature a “super-hydrophobic liquid repellent coating.” Whether you sweat a lot or get caught in a downpour, your shades are covered. As for the lens - which is the money maker of any pair of sunglasses - an oleophobic smudge-resistant coating helps keep them crisp and clear.

Sunglasses make a great gift idea and show the golfer in your life that you care. Visit to check out the GX5 or other options for both sport and fashion.

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