Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Srixon Golf Balls, Cleveland Golf Wedges

Golf balls make for an excellent Christmas gift. Take the Q-Star balls from Srixon, for example. Average golfers want to play what the pros are playing, but if you swing slower than 90 mph and play a traditional “tour” golf ball, your game is suffering. Enter the Q-STAR TOUR from Srixon. This premium, 3-piece golf ball boasts a soft core and is specifically designed to go longer and straighter with moderate swing speeds.

Click HERE to shop all styles of Srixon golf balls for both the man and woman on your holiday list.

Thanks to Srixon, golfers have the right golf ball for their game. But how about something with which to hit said golf balls? Allow me to suggest the RTX 4 wedges from sister company, Cleveland Golf. More than 50 percent of your game is played within 100 yards of the green. Choose the right weapons!

The RTX 4 wedges help golfers control their wedge shots with predictable spin. That’s a must! The 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology delivers more spin across all conditions, giving golfers better distance control and improved accuracy, which lead to lower scores.

Even better, the RTX 4 wedges are offered in four sole grinds – ranging from Full to X Low – allowing golfers to enjoy everything from traditional shots (Full) to one that’s perfect for tight lies and hitting with an extremely open face (X Low).

Bottom line (pun intended) … RTX 4’s new progressive back shaping makes it easier to hit flop shots, knockdown shots and every shot in between.

Shop wedges HERE

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