Monday, September 17, 2018

Pukka: The Industry’s No. 1 Source for Custom Knit Headwear

(Findlay, Ohio) — With the most flexible knits program in the industry, Pukka is able to capture all of the looks that will attract your customer for the cold weather that is quickly approaching. The ability to order a custom jacquard beanie at a 24-piece minimum, paired with the ability to do different colorways by the dozen, Pukka’s offering is unmatched in the cold weather category. Vintage chunky beanies with pom poms, scarves with custom jacquard patterns, lightweight yarns with suede clip labels, Pukka is truly untouchable when it comes to knits.

Pukka has always prided themselves on making Premium Custom Appliques that once were traditionally only available to larger brands available for your knit collection to stand out even more. Multiple styles, yarn and color options to further maximize your customization choices within the same quick turn production model our customers rely on. Pukka’s execution and delivery are second to none, and our knit offering is another differentiator for us in the marketplace.

Pukka stands for “original, first class, quality” which is fully on display within our 2019 Cold Weather collection, take advantage now so you don’t get left in the cold.

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