Thursday, September 27, 2018

Popular PEAKVISION GX5 Sunglasses for Golfers Add New Royal Navy Blue Color to Line

(CONWAY, SC) - The golf wrap-around GX5’s are one of PEAKVISION’s most popular styles and now golfers have three colors in the GX5 line to choose from: black, white or the new, royal navy blue.

The GX5 enhances the golfer’s ability to see the contours of the greens better with the high-definition amber lens which provide three times the definition than the naked eye. Golfers enjoy a light-weight, wrap-around frame that fit snugly and won’t move during one’s swing. The adjustable nose piece makes for a perfect fit.

Brand new to the GX5 allotment with mainstay colors that come in black or white, is the new royal navy blue color.

“The royal navy blue GX5 makes a fashion statement for those looking for an alternative to our black or white coloring,” says David Feaser, CEO, PEAKVISION Sunglasses. “The royal navy blue color is very classy and the lens make for an impeccable read of the green.”

“The GX5s’ are the flagship sunglasses of PEAKVISION for a reason,” Feaser adds. “The GX5’s offer a full wrap-around design with ultimate protection from UV rays while giving you three times the visual information than your naked eye. These sunglasses were built for golf and you will not take them off while you are putting.”

“Golfers benefit from the extreme clarity of the lens by seeing the contours on the greens better as well as the increased depth perception the lens provide, enabling better shot making,” adds Feaser.

“Who wouldn’t want this kind of edge on the course?” Feaser asks. “And instead of taking the GX5s’ off, placing them on top of your head like golfers do with most sunglasses, keeping PEAKVISIONs on while reading a putt and executing the shot, is an advantage! The lens help achieve a more accurate visual on the greens!”

PEAKVISION offers a 30-day, moneyback guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

To order PEAKVISION, visit PEAKVISION ships the same day the order is placed.

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