Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Product Review: Tune Driver

Where do you fall on the music-on-course debate? Old school golfers will scoff at the thought, while Millennials are generally all-in. Me? Let’s hear those tunes!

OK … Pump your breaks. I’m not strapping a boom box to the roof of my cart and throwing an on-course rave. I’m enjoying some of my favorite songs while riding in the cart from shot to shot.

Many people I play with already do that via their smartphones. One problem … Sound quality isn’t great through that tiny “speaker.” Enter Tune Driver.

It’s just that - a driver. Well, a speaker in the shape of a driver. This device provides terrific sound quality while connecting to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.

While the head is all you need to enjoy your music, a four-piece shaft (complete with grip) screws together so the “club” fits neatly in your golf bag. A chord is included to recharge the lithium battery for round after round of jams.

It could not be any simpler to use. There are five buttons (Power On/Off, Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up, and Bluetooth Connection) and plenty of juice to get you through your round. Turn the Tune Driver on, connect to your phone and enjoy some melodies - whether you prefer Frank Sinatra, Five Finger Death Punch or something in between.

In high school I would listen to ZZ Top before matches to get psyched up. By the second hole, however, thoughts of “Legs” were replaced with worries about getting up and down from a greenside bunker. Imagine if I could’ve carried the rhythmic benefits of ZZ Top with me throughout my round!

If you enjoy music on the course, or even while getting in some swings at the driving range, visit to order one for yourself. My only suggestion is to clear the tunes with your playing partners and keep the sounds at a respectable level while on the course.



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