Monday, May 9, 2016

Turf Life Selects The Media Group to Manage Its Public Relations Efforts

(Winter Springs, FL) - Turf Life has selected The Media Group, a creative services agency based out of Chicago, Illinois, to manage its Public Relations and Communications efforts.

Turf Life started in 2013 as a seed planted by the "Founding Farmer" - Terrie Purdum, publisher of Southern Golf Central Magazine. In 2015, Terrie found another local farmer (Bob Bissell), who has a brother (Jim) living in another farm country ... Switzerland. So with some seed money and fertilizer, these three amigos started growing the concept and formed the company Turf Life, Inc.

Turf Life is the brand that salutes the consumer and industry "players" everywhere whose lives involve turf. It addresses the games we play and the jobs we do. Turf Life showcases sports, businesses, education and our enjoyment of the outdoors. Turf Life will introduce you to the people that compete on, grow, and maintain turf grass.

Turf is an essential part of the world. There are nearly 50 million acres of grass in the US. Turf is often the most cost effective solution to wind and water erosion. Turf is 30% cooler than tarmac (Turf Life is 100% cooler than Tarmac Life!) and 14% cooler than bare soil. You want to be cool? Then start rockin' the Turf Life look!

Turf Life also celebrates an appreciation for the hard work and science that goes into maintaining and developing a sustainable turf environment. Our purpose is to promote the responsible use of water and nutrients so that life is always greener on the Turf Life side! Turf-heads everywhere are reducing their carbon please join the club and make your voice heard! DEFEND YOUR TURF.... by being a part of Turf Life.

Whether you are playing on turf or helping to maintain it, Turf Life is all about you!

Turf Life is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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