Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pitchfix Announces Golf's Best Divot Tool Just Got Better

(New York) – Pitchfix USA, a global market leader in switchblade divot tools and other golf products, today announced its latest product - the Twister 2.0, which debuted at the 2016 PGA Show in Orlando is now available for purchase. An innovative divot repair tool, the Twister 2.0 improves on the original Twister making ball mark repairs easier for golfers and continuing to help reduce pitch mark repair damage to greens.

The Twister’s patent pending exclusive technology features a revolutionary 3-pronged metal retractable system that out performs all other divot repair tools. The new and improved Twister 2.0 features:
- Redesigned in a better shape
- Redesigned in a smaller size making tool easier to carry
- Ergonomic design for better grip during use
- New internal mechanism assures durability
- Release of ball marker in all directions
- Fixed magnet prevents loss of magnet during use
- 1 Inch ball marker size
- Increased color options

The Twister 2.0 remains highly customizable for promotional gifts and corporate branding and retails for just under $16. Currently, the Pitchfix products are available at many top U.S. retail outlets such as PGA Tour Superstores. For more information, visit www.pitchfixusa.com.

“The Twister 2.0 builds off the great success we had with the original model and will continue to help improve golfers’ experience and reduce course damage,” said Bart Fokke, President of Pitchfix USA and Canada. “We are very pleased to offer the new and improved version to the 26 million golfers in the United States.”

According to Pitchfix, when ball marks are repaired with traditional pitch forks very often the root structure is torn which creates an air pocket under the mark and a compacted piece of soil at the surface, making it difficult for the grass to regenerate and heal.

Pitchfix’s patent pending technology allows Twister 2.0 to work even more effectively than the original, says the company: the golfer simply pushes it in and out of the affected area, restoring the ground and relieving compaction simultaneously. This quick and simple procedure, according to Pitchfix, results in better repairs that recover quickly, making it virtually impossible to do damage with the tool.

According to Fokke, the Twister 2.0 will play a critical role in improving the condition of greens and reducing ongoing maintenance costs to repair damage.

“Reports indicate that the average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf,” said Fokke. “That can result in more than 700,000 ball marks per year on an average golf course. Add to that the players who do not repair their ball marks and the high percentage of improper repair from conventional two prong divot tools, and the potential maintenance savings with Twister 2.0 could be as much as ten percent.”

For further information go to www.pitchfixusa.com.

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