Monday, May 16, 2016

Product Review: Bluffworks Pants

The office. The golf course. Yard work. You’ve got a busy day ahead of you with little time to spare. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single pair of pants to take you from one to the next? There is.

Right now, you’re calling B.S. on me. No way can one pair look nice enough for the office, feel nice enough and perform on the course and then hold up to the wear and tear of the yard. Allow me to introduce you to Bluffworks.

Hidden, zipper pockets in sides
Whether you choose the Original or softer Chino style, Bluffworks blurs the line between work and play - everyday life and adventure. For instance, dress up the Original with a nice button-down shirt and sweater and you’ve nailed Casual Friday. Exchange the loafers for boots and swap the top for flannel and clear some brush on the farm. Bluffworks makes the most versatile pants on the market.

But this is a golf blog. How tough do pants need to be to take the grinding of this game of leisure? Very. If you’re like 99.9 percent of the golfing population, you have a propensity for hitting it sideways. Plow through the pricker bushes and shrubs fearlessly in the Bluffworks Chinos. Squat over and over again to read the greens - these knees aren’t going to be negatively affected. 

How do you choose between Original and Chino? Buy both and you won’t have to choose. If that’s not an option ... What are you looking for in these pants? The Chinos offer a tailored, modern fit and look/feel like brushed cotton, though they are made from a durable, technical polyester that stretches slightly to move with you. The Originals come in both regular and relaxed fit, for a little more room. Both the Chino and Original are wrinkle resistant, but the Original also boast quick-drying qualities - perfect for outdoor adventures like hiking or mountain biking.

One rear pocket zips, while a hidden pocket is on the other side
Other similarities - in addition to durability - fall in line with security. Get off the plane and explore foreign cities with a little more confidence knowing three zippered pockets will help protect your valuable. There’s one zippered pocket in the rear (where do you carry your wallet or smartphone?) and hidden, zippered pockets on each side. Very cool and a wonderful idea. 

You could buy a pair of pants for work, a pair for the golf course and a pair for yard work, but why? Bluffworks Originals and Chinos make the seamless transition from daily life to memorable adventure.

Learn more about Bluffworks and hook yourself up at

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for the new Bluffworks Blazer HERE: 


Nina said...

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thingsgoingonmyhead said...
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thingsgoingonmyhead said...

Looks like the TFC code no longer works. Using BLUFFTFC as a promo code on their site will get you a discount on your entire purchase. 10% OFF your entire order on Bluff Works. No expiration.