Thursday, May 3, 2018 Launches Spring 2018

Online Service to Help Golfers Find Golf Partners

(Schwenksville, PA) - is a new online service that helps golfers find comparable golf partners. The site is unique in that you are not scanning profiles of members and initiating contact. You are scanning “Tee Time Ads” from golfers who want to play the same time you do. It’s not a dating site, it’s for serious golfers.

In addition to the regular local golfer, the service is great for people who have relocated and don’t have a lot of partners. It’s great for travelers who would like to link up with golfers with similar skill level while they are on vacation or traveling for business. Finding golf partners with similar skill levels is very important and sex and age can be very important to some as well.

Showing up by yourself and playing as a single is a risky situation. Experiences can vary depending on who you get paired up with. The goal of the site is to help golfers find commensurate people to play with, eliminate risks and to play more golf.

The Founder, Jim Lafferty, created this site to help other golfers like himself. Often times when his usual partners were not available to play he would not play golf that day. His premise is that many golfers will not play at all if they don’t have a partner to play with. He asserts that this service will result in more rounds for golfers and more rounds for golf courses.

Public and private golf courses are embracing the service because it means increased revenue for them. For public courses, it brings back the golfers that are not playing because they don’t like playing solo. It brings twosomes, threesomes and foursomes rather than singles to the course.

For private courses, members can use the site to connect with other members or non-members who they can bring as a guest. For non-members it gives them a chance to play a course they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance. For private club owners, it gives prospective members a chance to play the course they otherwise would not have the chance to, while paying for it, which could lead to that prospect joining the club someday.

Registration is free.

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