Thursday, May 3, 2018 Announces New $49 Flat-Rate Monthly Fee

Courses have a choice of flat-rate fee or commission

(RELEASE) -, the industry’s first pay-by-hole technology for golf courses, announces a new $49 flat-rate monthly fee that courses can choose rather than a 20% commission.

“Part of succeeding in this business is listening to golf course operators and understanding their struggles to make money,” says co-founder Harvey Silverman. “We entered the market with a 20% commission arrangement and will maintain that as a choice for new and existing clients. We’ve added the $49 flat monthly rate as an appealing second choice for course operators averse to paying commission on their revenue.”

“The flat monthly rate opens up a whole new range of pay-by-hole possibilities,” says co-founder Mike Dickoff.  “For example, course operators that want to replace their entire twilight rate structure with pay-by-hole options that bring more golfers out to play can support that for a mere $49 per month. Our efficient operating model allows us to offer this winning alternative that helps golfers to play more golf and golf course operators to increase earnings.”

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