Thursday, May 3, 2018

P3ProSwing’s New ProLaunch Monitor Named Product of the Month for May on GolfTalk Live

(PHILADELPHIA, PA) - P3ProSwing (, a leading golf swing analyzer, practice aid and simulator made in the U.S., recently introduced the state-of-the-art ProLaunch monitor. ProLaunch – a new innovative ball-launch monitor that provides industry-leading accuracy – has been named Product of the Month on the award-winning GolfTalk Live radio show.

ProLaunch delivers precise data on ball spin/speed, launch angle, swing path and club face angle. P3ProSwing provides accurate, portable and versatile solutions to over 15,000 individual golfers as well as hundreds of teaching professionals, club fitters, colleges and businesses.

“The ProLaunch system uses patented technology that captures data from both the golf ball and the club before, at and after impact,” said Kevin Rosenberg, sales and marketing manager of P3ProSwing. “The precise ball and swing measurements are then transformed into how you see the ball fly within the simulation software.

“What sets us apart from other systems is that P3ProSwing doesn’t just replicate your ball’s flight, but captures both the cause and effect of your swing. By providing detailed insight into what you did with your swing to get the results you see, the ProLaunch system gives you extensive data so you can start improving instantly.”

P3ProSwing ProLaunch adds the new state-of-the-art launch monitor, swing sensor, stance mat and 152 golf courses for $3,599. All P3ProSwing products can be purchased directly at

“I always stress to golfers stuck inside during the winter months to take lessons and practice when the range is closed for the season,” remarks GolfTalk Live host Tony Leodora. “Competitive golfers should never wait months for a warm day to work on their game. The spring here in the Mid-Atlantic this year has been especially brutal. ProLaunch offers a full-featured solution for practicing indoors, measuring golfers’ results and allowing them to react accordingly. ProLaunch is a no-brainer for players looking to improve.”

During the month of May, the new P3ProSwing ProLaunch monitor will be featured prominently on on the homepage and on the “Product of the Month” section of the site. There also will be an interview with P3ProSwing Sales and Marketing Manager Kevin Rosenberg that will air on GolfTalk Live in all markets on Saturday, May 12, 2018.

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