Thursday, January 28, 2016

Daniel Berger Named Official Brand Ambassador for TaylorMade’s myRoundPro

(ORLANDO, FL.) - Today, 2014-2015 PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year and TaylorMade Tour staff professional Daniel Berger was officially named brand ambassador for myRoundPro. Along with golfers around the world,  TaylorMade’s standalone analytics platform allows Berger to track his progress and enhance his performance through the use of statistical barometers, such as strokes gained, greens in regulation, proximity to hole and fairways hit.

“In a sport where everyone is trying to get better, you have to strive to be the best that you can be. To be successful at any given thing it takes a lot of effort and time and myRoundPro enables you to focus on what’s important.”

Daniel Berger, TaylorMade Staff Player & 2014-2015 PGA TOUR Rookie of the Year.


Jeremy R. Gephart said...

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Norma D. Parker said...

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Malinda D. Williams said...

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