Monday, July 20, 2015

VPAR Tops App Store Sports Category After Peak Season Downloads

(New York, NY) – VPAR ( – the award-winning live scoring and GPS mobile golf app – surged to the top of the Apple App Store “Sports” category in the wake of the U.S. Open.

Surrounding the competition at Chambers Bay, VPAR held steady in the top-10 of the “Sports” app chart in the United States and climbed into the top-5 for a stretch of time. The impressive growth indicates roughly a 92.2% increase in downloads over the previous period.

The seasonal cycle of golf activity is not the only reason for VPAR’s recent success. Earlier this summer the company announced a live Europe-wide tournament where golfers can score on any course at any time and see how they are doing in real time. Currently, the Your Golf Travel Championship Powered by VPAR is ongoing, syncing pairs of European golfers into one inclusive leaderboard using the VPAR app.

On top of this, VPAR unveiled 4.0 – an updated version of the app with a new look and the following features:
Simplified Round Creation – The setup process has been simplified to one page, providing users with an array of game formats based on the number of players and tee times.
New GPS Glance Tool – Front/Center/Back distances are automatically featured on the scoring page, allowing players to quickly decide on club selection at first glance.
Performance Tracking – Compare your statistics over time and track your scoring trends
Social Media Sharing – Easily share your round with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, VPAR’s U.S. growth as a tournament management service – which includes scoring events at Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Streamsong and more top destinations – has increased familiarity across the vast United States golf market. As brand recognition through usage at amateur and charity events has increased, so too have app downloads.

“With the professional game as dramatic as ever, everyday golfers are keen to replicate the excitement that they see on the big stage. This is driving them to try our app,” said VPAR President and Managing Director Jason Stoop. “There’s no better competitive thrill than to be able to view your position on the leaderboard in real time whilst on course. Equally, these days’ golfers simply want to keep track of their own golf stats, where they’ve played and when. VPAR makes it so simple for them to do this hence why it is catching on in the United States.”

Worldwide, VPAR provides its tournament scoring expertise to over 1,000 events with their end-to-end managed service. The VPAR app continues to be a favorite of golfers in the U.S. and abroad for its ability to provide live scoring, pinpoint GPS, stat analysis and archived game performances in one simple interface.

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