Thursday, July 23, 2015

Product Review: Glukos Energy

I recently received an e-mail about an energy product called Glukos. Being vaguely familiar with what glucose - commonly referred to as sugar - means medically I was guarded, but interested.

My reason for being guarded? After a lifetime of drinking sweet tea and high-octane Coke/Pepsi, my doctor told me my blood sugar levels were a bit high. While I wasn’t exactly shocked, I did eliminate those beverages from my diet.

So now I’m going to willingly put sugar back into my exercise routine? I did a little digging and it didn’t take long before I learned that glucose is needed by all of our cells and organs - most importantly, our muscles and brain. These sugars comes from the food we eat in the form of carbohydrates (fruit, bread, pasta and cereals are common sources of glucose).

OK ... So I’m a little smarter in terms of glucose, but now I’m curious about what Glukos can do for me. I took to the golf course with a full range of products - powder, tablets, gummies, energy bars and gel.

First up - powder. I tried the fruit punch, but Glukos also offers orange and lemon. Simply add to 12 ounces of water, shake (or stir) and drink. We’ve all tried energy drinks. That’s what this tasted like.

You may think it’s easy enough to get a sports drink at the course - why go through the effort of tracking down and/or ordering Glukos?

Basically, Gloukos provides energy almost immediately. Common energy drinks use inferior sugars (fructose and sucrose) that need to be digested before providing benefits - wasting valuable time and even robbing your body of energy.

Others may avoid energy drinks because they make them feel jittery. Again, Glukos isn't your common energy drink. It contains only natural fuel in the purest form your body uses, not stimulants like caffeine, Taurine, herbs, b-vitamins, etc.

So I’m two hours into my round and we’re about to hit the halfway house. This is where I used to grab a Coke and a hot dog. The Coke turned into a Diet Coke and the hot dog was eliminated once I realized a played like garbage for three or four holes after eating. But still, my body wants something.

Enter the Glukos energy bar. With five flavors from which to choose - apple cinnamon, peanut butter, lemon, chocolate and cashew coconut - there’s something for everyone. Each bar packs between 210-240 calories and provides about an hour of “low-intensity” fuel.

Like the powder, the bars are all natural. They’re gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan. Tastes vary wildly from person to person, so go with your gut. I can tell you that the chocolate was very “chocolate-y” and had the consistency of a thick brownie. Each bar was pleasant and healthy - made from ingredients like dates and cashews.

Full disclosure: I wouldn’t choose any of the bars for a tasty dessert, but if you’re looking at a Ho-Ho for healthy energy, you’re reading the wrong article.

An hour later and four holes to go, I’ve maintained my energy with the bar at the turn and refilled my water bottle with another powder, so I’m not dragging, but the aforementioned science tells me I could use something to power me through the final putt. I reach for the gummies.

I’ve eaten fruit-flavored snacks, so I’m familiar with the concept and taste. While the ones I’ve tried in the past are loaded with bad sugar and taste great, the Glukos gummies are, again, natural. Surprise ... They also taste great!

The gummies not only got me through the final holes of golf without a crash, but also provided a lift prior to the gym on another day. And that was much more intense than 18 holes of golf.

If you’re following with a checklist, you probably realize we haven’t touched upon the gel or tablets. Tried those, as well, but with mixed reviews. Yes, they provided natural energy, but weren’t as enjoyable as the others. The gel, for instance, had a decent taste, but I wasn’t a fan of the texture - or lack thereof. I know gel is popular with endurance athletes, but the battle between liquid and solid doesn’t need to be waged in my mouth.

The tablets, on the other hand, were a 50/50 split. The package says they can be consumed in two ways - added to 2 ounces of water or chewed without water. They were a bit too dry to chew comfortably (for me), but dissolved in 2 oz. of water provided a nice shot - pun intended.

Ironman competitor and endurance athlete Mark Jensen created this line of products because he wanted a sport fuel without the unnatural colors, flavors, preservatives and sugars that are the pitfalls of other energy products, according to Glukos. Made with real glucose, each item provides twice the energy, twice as fast as similar offerings from competitors.

Bottom line: Your body knows what it needs, when it needs it. Glukos provides everything necessary for healthy, natural energy. Avoid all the extraneous garbage and give your body what it wants for athletic success - energy.

Check out all the company has to offer HERE.

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