Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tennessee Section PGA and CaddyX Partner to Enhance Club Championships

(RELEASE) - The Tennessee Section PGA is excited to announce it is extending its partnership with its exclusive golf bag transporter CaddyX to enhance its golf facilities' annual club championships. Golf travel solutions firm CaddyX delivers the Ultimate Lug-Free Xperience to traveling golfers, awarding them 100% lug-free, hassle-free, and risk-free golf travel worldwide, from doorway to fairway and back.

CaddyX will now be the exclusive sponsor of the 2015 CaddyX Club Champion Lug-Free-4-Life Series. The sponsorship will award all 2015 men’s and women’s club champions at participating Tennessee Section PGA golf facilities with one complimentary round trip golf club transport.

Additionally, each men's and women's club champion will be entered into the “Lug-Free-4-Life” lottery in which one CaddyX Club Champion will be crowned the CaddyX Grand Champion. The Grand Champion will receive a lifetime of complimentary round-trip golf bag transports, ensuring they will travel lug-free forever.

“Our Grand Prize will award a CaddyX Club Champion a lifetime of lug-free travel and premium guest services -- a first in golf-travel history," said Jason Gregory, Founder and CEO of CaddyX.

Jeff Abbot, Tennessee PGA Section Executive Director, is a CaddyX client and is excited to offer this unique opportunity to golf facilities in Tennessee. “We are delighted to partner with CaddyX, they make golf travel a breeze. I just book a pick up and CaddyX handles the rest. When I arrive at my golf destination, my clubs are on my cart and ready for play.”

To enroll in the CaddyX Club Champion Lug-Free-4-Life Series, PGA professionals within the Tennessee Section need to register at by 8-15-2015.

Golfers that would like to participate in the CaddyX Club Champion Lug-Free-4-Life Series can request that their pro shop enroll, or fill out a golfer sign up form at

For more information or to enroll in the CaddyX Club Champion Lug-Free-4-Life Series, visit

Golfers wishing to travel lug-free can visit to create a profile to book on-demand touch-free golf bag transports.

For more information about Tennessee Section PGA, visit

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