Friday, July 10, 2015

DST Golf’s Compressor Trusted by French Open Winner and Greenbrier Classic Runner-Up

More than 200 Tour Professionals Now Rely on Company’s Unique Warm-Up System

(SALISBURY, England) – DST Golf – developer and manufacturer of ground breaking warm up clubs that benefit players of all skill levels – confirms that the winner and top five finishers at the Alstom Open de France, along with the second place finisher at the Greenbrier Classic relied on DST Golf’s Compressor to help them hone their ball-striking skills before tournament play.

These top professionals are among more than 200 PGA, European and LPGA Tour players who have adopted DST Golf’s revolutionary warm-up clubs, which are designed with a scientifically-curved shaft to help golfers locate, train and perfect the Optimal Impact Position. 10 players ranked in the top 25 in the Official World Golf Rankings are converts to the clubs as are 96 European Tour players who have recently added the Compressor to their practice regimen.

“The beauty of our warm-up clubs is that they cannot be cheated, Tour players know instantly whether they sustained the line of compression and kept their arms swinging on plane through impact,” says DST Golf Founder and CEO Bertie Cordle. “A golfer will immediately learn if they have not pivoted correctly and left the hands lagging too far behind, as it will result in a bad impact position and a poor shot.”

Popular among top ranked trainers, the curved shaft found in the Compressor is engineered to replicate the shape of a normal shaft in the optimal impact position. This unique design helps players learn how to control the club face through impact and compress the ball, which leads to improved consistency, control and accuracy. Additionally, the club’s “Hand Position Alignment Marker” ensures players replicate the optimal impact position at set-up, thus simplifying the swing and ingraining the muscle memory needed to consistently achieve this scientifically-proven ideal position.

Developed by a former European Challenge Tour player after years of researching the biomechanics of impact, the DST Compressor teaches the golfer two things: how to swing the club on plane and how to maintain tension in the shaft until after impact. These are the two critical aspects to achieve better ball striking, control, consistency and accuracy.

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